1) Call for tenders:

Scientific support in the coordination of the BioSoil study


2) Call for expression of interests:

Validation of alternative test methods


The Commission�s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a call for tenders to provide scientific support in the coordination of the BioSoil study (soil component) in the framework of the Forest Focus regulation. The BioSoil project aims to carry out an inventory of soil chemical characteristics and forest biodiversity at the level I plots. The specific activities of this service consist of the coordination of the BioSoil study and the provision of central laboratory services for soil analysis and data.


The call for expression of interest shall be divided into the following 20 sub-fields. Expressions of interest are invited for all or some of the following fields (sub-list):

1. systemic toxicity;

2. topical toxicity;

3. sensitisation;

4. carcinogenicity/genotoxicity;

5. reproductive toxicity;

6. pharmaco- and toxicokinetics;

7. ecotoxicology;

8. computational toxicology;

9. toxicology of nanoparticles;

10. biostatistics and bioinformatics;

11. food safety;

12. biologicals;

13. pharmaceuticals;

14. good laboratory practice;

15. good cell culture practice;

16. omics technologies;

17. robotised testing for cell and tissue culture application;

18. endpoint detection technologies for cell and tissue culture applications;

19. Correlate: reference laboratory for alternative testing methods, including assessment of equivalence, test substances evaluations, comparative studies and monitoring;

20. agrochemicals.



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