Researchers' Night 2006


In line with the "Researchers in Europe 2005 " (R.i.E.), which lasted from June to November 2005, the European Commission launches a new call for proposals aimed at the organisation of "Researchers' night 2006" on 22 September 2006.


The main objective if this action consists of contributing to the reinforcement of public recognition of researchers and their important societal role.


The events to be organised on 22 September 2006 should aim at offering the public at large an opportunity to directly meet researchers in a festive and relaxed atmosphere, in order to illustrate the fact that researchers are "normal people" , whose unique specificity is their curiosity and passion for research, which they are willing to share with any European citizen.


The target audience of these events should be the public at large, including all different groups of population, such as children, teen agers, students, teachers, parents, and therefore activities suitable for each of these groups should be planned, keeping in mind that these activities should look sufficiently appealing to mobilise public on a Friday night, traditional time for entertainment before the week-end. They should therefore be foreseen in an informal, pleasant, and attractive way.


This large awareness campaign will be structured around two main pillars: events organised at European level and activities put forward by stakeholders at local, regional, national and international level.


The call has a total indicative budget of two million euro.


Further details regarding the very concept of the "Researchers' night" are available here (, as well as "tips for success" and examples of activities that were organised last year in the frame of the ResearchersŽ nights 2005 which were associated to the R.i.E.


To see the full details of the call, please see: