Organic spintronics (Ph.D. position)

In the field of organic spintronics with small functional organic molecules a Ph.D. position is available. In this context novel interface architectures between ferromagnets and selected organic semiconductors will be developed which are directed towards advanced actively controlled spintronic devices. The focus of the project and thus the thesis is to prepare and probe controllable injection of spin polarized carriers into tunable molecular layer systems and the study of the subsequent spin transport in these layers. The material combinations are very topical and highly interesting from a scientific point of view.

The work is carried out in a high potential interdisciplinary network within a very fascinating and strongly developing research area. It is related to all aspects of modern high tech surface physics, chemistry and analysis. The project student will benefit from involvement in a lab with the most advanced capabilities covering a wide range of state of the art surface analytical techniques, such as low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy or spin resolved photoemission spectroscopy, as well as up-to-date preparation techniques such as molecular beam and electrospray deposition in ultra-high vacuum. A further benefit will be the direct cooperation with other experimental and theoretical groups within the research network Spin+X.


This research is related to Spin+X project B05.


If you are a highly motivated and skilled student with a M.Sc or a diploma in (applied) physics or advanced physical chemistry please contact (including a full CV)

Prof. Dr. Christiane Ziegler

Department of Physics, TU Kaiserslautern;