Spin excitations for information processing (Ph.D. position)

A Ph.D. position is available at the Department of Physics of the University of Kaiserslautern. Our work within the collaborative research center Spin+X explores the use of collective spin excitations, the spin waves, for information transfer and processing.

Spin waves and their quanta, the magnons, allow for a variety of magnetically controlled wave phenomena such as non-reciprocity, non-collinear group and phase velocities, non-diffractive propagation, self-focusing, etc., which promise new dimensionality in modern computing. In this project, the potential for magnon-based data processing by investigating non-reciprocal spin-wave edge dynamics in magnetically isotropic magnonic structures and non-diffractive spin-wave transport in non-uniformly magnetized media should be explored.

The work is carried out in an interdisciplinary environment at the forefront of physics, materials science and engineering. Our experimental investigations will cover structural, magnetic and magnonic characterizations. Our experimental tools will be nano-patterning techniques, Brillouin light scattering microscopy (BLS), microwave spectroscopy and micromagnetic simulations.

Possible applicants need to hold a Master or equivalent degree in Physics, Applied Physics, Engineering or Materials Science. Experience in magnetization dynamics, micromagnetic simulations, microwave spectroscopy and magneto-optics is an advantage.


This research is related to Spin+X project B01.


For further information and applications (including a full CV) contact:

Dr. Philipp Pirro

Department of Physics, TU Kaiserslautern; www.physik.uni-kl.de/hillebrands/home/