The University of Kaiserslautern, Department of Physics, offers a Ph.D. position in the field of 

Ultrafast momentum space dynamics and non-equilibrium phenomena in condensed matter

This research project will be conducted in the group of Prof. M. Aeschlimann and Jun.-Prof. B. Stadtmüllern in Spin+X project A02.

Todays’ information technology devices such as computers or smartphones operate on the timescale of a few nanoseconds per operation. This time could be significantly reduced in the future when manipulating logical circuits by ultrashort light pulses instead of electronic currents. While first pioneering experiments have already performed in this field, our understanding of the light-matter interaction on ultrashort timescales is still in its infancy.

In this project, we aim study and understand the fundamentals of light-matter interaction in prototypical condensed matter model systems such as elementary ferromagnets, functional materials, and correlated electron systems, on their characteristic timescale of a few femtoseconds. This allows us to follow the individual interactions and scattering phenomena of electrons, spins, and lattice atoms in real time and learn novel ways to use light to control the state of matter on these timescales. As experimental tool, we employ a novel method of time-, space- and momentum resolved photoemission spectroscopy with laser-generated fs-X-ray light pulses. Our combination of state-of-the-art laser based light sources with the latest advances in photoemission technology will allow us to perform cutting edge experiments which haven’t been feasible so far.

The candidate for this Ph.D. position will investigate optically induced (phase) transition in prototypical condensed matter systems and hybrid interfaces. The research of this project will be conducted in the framework of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) Spin+X: Spin in its collective environment. The candidate will fully benefit from the Ph.D. training program of Spin+X. She/he will conduct research in a lively and highly fruitful research environment created at the University of Kaiserslautern and within the internal collaboration network of the Aeschlimann/Stadtmüller group.


Candidates with an M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Physics, Chemistry or a related disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.


Further information about this research project can be obtained from Prof. M. Aeschlimann (ma(at) or Jun.-Prof. B. Stadtmüller (bstadtmueller(at) Please send your application, including an extend CV, and motivation letter to one of the group leaders, preferentially via e-mail.