• Lecture at the Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Helsinki, 9 July 2010. 'Shrinking Cities in the USA in Times of Economic Recession'
  • Lecture at the Congress of EURA, Understanding City Dynamics, Darmstadt, 24 September 2010. 'Shrinking Cities' planning strategies in international comparative perspective'


  • Lecture at the Symposium 'Shrinkage in Europe - causes, effects and policy strategies', Universität Amsterdam, 16 February 2011 'Shrinking Cities - a Challenge for Planning Cultures in the USA'
  • Lecture at the bi-annual meeting of the Academy of spatial research (ARL) regional working group Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Frankfurt, 21 March 2011 'Stadtschrumpfung im internationalen Vergleich'
  • Presentation of the draft Synopsis Report 'Cities Regrowing Smaller', EU COST Action workshop, Porto, 11 May 2011
  • Lecture at CITTA, 4th annual conference of planning research innovation in governance and decision making in planning, Porto, 13 May 2011 'Greening the Shrinking City - a new planning approach in the USA'


  • Keynote speech at the Seventh Annual ICLRD congress, Dundalk/Irelend, 20 January 2012 'The Planner's Toolkit - Can we plan for new tasks using existing processes and mechanisms?'
  • Lecture at the AESOP congress, Ankara, 6 July 2012, (together with Asaaied, Fleschurz, Steinhauer) 'Shrinking Cities and Planning Cultures - Theoretical and methodological considerations for evidence-based research'
  • Lecture at IGC Cologne, 29 August 2012, 'Greening the shrinking city - new sustainable planning approaches in the USA'
  • Lecture at the symposium of the Transatlant. Akademie Kaiserslautern, 27 September 2012 'Shrinking Cities - In Germany, and in America? What we can learn from each other'
  • Lecture at the international workshop PlanShrinking, Diemerstein, 28 September 2012 'Planning cultures and shrinking cities'
  • Lecture at the COST Action Cities regrowing smaller workshop, Po'znan, 23 October 2012 'Cities regrowing smaller - stages in the European comparison'


  • Lecture at the workshop sustainable land management, Berlin, 13 May 2013, 'Herausforderungen und Lernprozesse für Städte und Regionen'
  • Lecture at AESOP congress, Dublin, 16 July 2013 (together with Asaaied, Fleschurz): 'The Shrinking Cities Phenomenon and its Influence on Planning Cultures - Evidence from a German-American Comparison'
  • Lecture at the final conference of the COST action cities regrowing smaller, Essen, 13 September 2013, 'Distribution and Perception of Urban Shrinkage across Europe'
  • Keynote speech at Shrinking cites - expanding landscapes symposium, University of Edinburgh, 14 November 2013 'Shrinking cities - urban challenges from an international perspective'


  • Keynote speech at the international symposium 'Border studies', Luxemburg, 13 February 2014 'Spatial planning for border regions: planning styles in conflict?'
  • Lecture at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technology Forum, Karlsruhe, 14 May 2014 'Shrinking cities in an international context'
  • Lecture at EURA congress, Paris, 19 June 2014, together with Asaaied Seba, Fleschurz René `From manufacturing to 'eds and meds' - What roles do place based substitute industries play in preventing the city of Kaiserslautern from shrinking?'
  • Lecture at the ILS workshop, Cologne, 14 November 2014 'Shrinkage in Suburbia - the American perspective'