Recruiting via DAAD

Publication and promotion via DAAD allows purposefull and high quality presentation with regard to our target groups. The distribution by their network of multipliers ensures a professional and reputable manner.

The ISGS coordinates the entries of the universities international master and PhD programs in the publication series of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This series includes

  • 3 brochures on international programs (bachelor, master and phd brochure). The brochure about international master programs with its 36,000 copies is distributed by DAAD during higher education fairs and information centers worldwide.
  • CD-ROM with detailed information on all international programs
  • internet database, which is with approx. 26,000 clicks per day the most valuable gate to German higher education programs

The criteria for international programs are as follows:

  • degrees in line with the the Bologna process
  • program is accredited or in accreditation process
  • program is taught predominantly in English (or another foreign language)
  • program includes further internationale elements such as international relevance in the  curriculum, exchange and/or teaching by international guest researchers
  • support structure for international graduates within the department and/or an interdisciplinary support instuitution


  • Basic Entry: 100 EUR
  • Special Entry: 650 EUR
  • Partner Entry: 750 EUR
  • Structured PhD programs can be promoted as a free basic entry

Details in German in the Flyer "Werben in..." by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Annual Update for the 2015 Series

From April 01 until April 16, 2014 ISGS coordinated the updating and data collection procedure for the 2015 edition.

As requested by the DAAD, general information gathered and edited, it remains editable. Further, ISGS can add new programs upon request and will distribute the login data for each program to the respective coordinator for editing the program details.

The database entries will be reviewed by DAAD and be published in autumn, brochures and CD Roms will be finished in autumn 2014 as well.

If you are interested to promote your international study program in the next release of DAAD database (2016), please contact us.


Strategic matters: Dr.-Ing. Parya Memar (memar(at)

Organizational matters: Kim Yvone Köhler (koehler(at)

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