Pakestani Students


Pakistani students at University of Kaiserslautern (TU-KL) welcome you to the small but beautiful city of Kaiserslautern. Our university is among the best German universities in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Sciences & Electrical Engineering. The University provides a good and healthy opportunity for study and self-development. There is not only a central library but each department has its own library also, spacious lecture rooms and qualified teaching staff. A number of research institutes have close contacts with the University, which gives a good opportunity for practice. All these research centers are at walking-distance form the main campus. Some of the famous Institutes are: Fraunhofer Institute for Technical & Industrial Mathematics (ITWM), Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Max Planck Institute for Software systems (MPI). These institutes also give an excellent opportunity for students to work as assistants, do their Masters thesis and projects or work with them as PhD students. Students can find some part-time jobs at these institutes. Recently, our university started a collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. In this collaborative program, students from NUST will join PhD programs at TU-KL. There are also some projects going on between TU-KL and various universities of Pakistan (LUMS, FAST-NU, UET Lahore). These projects are  funded by DAAD and they give an opportunity to Pakistani PhD students to become a bridge between the two institutions. Kaiserslautern city itself is a very calm town. The University is surrounded by nature and is at a small distance from the city-center by bus. Student accommodation is not only available near the university but also near to city-center. The buses are free for students, thus you get easy and fast access not only to your accommodation but also to shops and to different entertainment centers. Being student you are also entitled to travel to number of cities nearby by train for free. The University wholeheartedly supports international students and takes well care of them. From the first day of your arrival till your departure they help you in all administrative, accommodation and German language issues. They also arrange different trips around the city and German cities so that you may know many things over here. We have lot of barbecues, parties and other events organized by ISGS & Int Club. The International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS) is a special centre that takes care of international graduate and doctoral students, providing comfortable accommodation, providing support in administrative and social issues. The members of the ISGS help every student greatly as soon as they arrive into the city. Its very nice to have somebody helping you in all your formalities and getting adjust in a new place. At University you get an opportunity to explore a lot about other countries by interacting with international students and participating in their events also. The University of Kaiserslautern has students from across the world. There are lot of Pakistanis students in the university studying in different technologies (mostly in computer science and electrical engineering). There is a registered student group, Pakistani Student Association (PSA-KL), at the university. On this platform, we celebrate all the Pakistani and Islamic festivals. We do a lot of social and cultural activities, sports, etc. We also arrange events to promote the true vibrant image of Pakistan and its friendly people. Pakistani girls who are interested in studying at this university will find the university and the city environment very safe and comfortable. Beside some Pakistani girls, there are many Muslim girls from various countries, studying in various different departments. There are some Asian and Turkish shops at the city centre where one can find most of the Pakistani food, Halal meat and Spices. Moreover, there is a prayer room in the University, where Friday prayer is offered in congregation. Also, there are two Mosques in the city itself. Muslim Student Group (MSG) takes care of many issues related to one religious obligations. Join our graduate family! You will enjoy your studies and you will get the supervision and tutoring you need to graduate successfully in a reasonable time. For more information and details, you can write to us through our e-mail.

With best wishes, Team PSA-KL | psa_kl(at)