Student Reports

Studying at TUK is really a great opportunity for getting research-based knowledge from qualified professors. TUK is internationally recognised for its good performance especially in fields like Mathematics & Computer Science. What I like most at this university is the collaboration of students and their friendly more

Emmanuel, from Rwanda

TU Kaiserslautern is one of the best international Universities in Germany. It provides a large variety of engineering, science, and management programs which are of high academic quality. read more

Yasmin, from Yemen

TU Kaiserslautern receives students from all over the world every semester, providing you the opportunity to interact professionally and socially with as many cultures as you would be interested to know. read more

Mayara, from Brazil

The lectures are closely linked to industries, some contents deal even with very recent developments in research. Sometimes the professors invite staff from big enterprises to give us a speech, so that we can have a larger view on current developments in the industry - this is very important for us, the engineering students. read more

Lu, from China

Here you get an opportunity to explore a lot about other countries by interacting with international students. The University has students from across the world. read more

Sanjiv, from India

Saya merasa beruntung telah memilih TU Kaiserslautern. Kekhawatiran saya akan kesulitan dalam pengurusan birokrasi di Jerman ternyata tidak beralasan. Dengan bantuan ISGS (International School for Graduate Studies), saya dapat menyelesaikan semua urusan administrative dengan lancar, baik dengan Universitas maupun dengan pemerintah Jerman. read more

Wendy Purba, from Indonesia

TU Kaiserslautern is a very good choice for international students. Better to say, the first factor for choosing a University abroad is the high ranking of the University and the second factor is educational and living costs. Considering these two cases, Kaiserslautern is a good choice to live and to study. read more

Mina, from Iran

Die Universität bietet viele Studienprogramme, an denen du teilnehmen kannst. Die TU KL ist eine Universität von hohem Niveau, an der du dich schnell akademisch weiterentwickeln kannst. read more

Oscar, from Mexiko

The buses are free for students, thus you get easy and fast access not only to your accommodation, but also to shops and to different entertainment centers. Being a student you are also entitled to travel to a number of cities nearby by train for free. read more

Fahad, from Pakistan

What I really enjoy in our University is the close contact with the professors. Most of them you can call by first name and even though some of them have strict visiting hours mostly you can speak with them any time you have a problem or a question. read more

Veronika, from Russia

At TU Kaiserslautern you will have a chance to meet people from all across the world and to get to know different cultures. The ISGS team will always do its best to help you and make your studies at Kaiserslautern easy. read more

Nevena, from Serbia

I think Kaiserslautern University is the perfect place for combining technology and practical work! read more

Atthaphon, from Thailand

The extensive support for international students is another good thing about this University: Takeing care of graduate and doctoral students, providing comfortable accommodation, support in administrative and ... read more

Burku, from Turkey

Providing support to international students is an important matter in TU Kaiserslautern. ISGS does everything possible to make the newly arrived students feel at home. read more

Galina, from Uzbekistan

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