Timetable & Examination Regulations

  • You should begin planning your timetable as early as possible. Generally speaking, although there is an example of an appropriate time table included in the schedule, you do not inevitably have to stick to it. You will not find any fixed schedules in the German university system!

  • When you do not have enough time for particular courses during a semester, e.g., due to a language course, you can make up these classes during the following semester, or even later.

  • Please get the examination policy of your subject as quickly as you can. The examination policy contains detailed information about the lectures, seminars etc. you must attend during your studies.

  • Usually, there is no fixed lecture timetable but only recommendations about which subject should be taken in which semester. However, you are normally free to change the recommended timetable. But keep in mind that the examination policy can contain limitations (i.e. subject xy must be passed until 4th semester)

  • Note: Some courses are prerequisites for others, meaning you could eventually fall behind and exceed the time granted in your study account!

  • It is always good to seriously consider whether and for how long to put off taking a lecture course! This is especially applicable to the Master’s program, in these programs the choice of lectures is very often limited!

  • However, you are welcome to take part in additional courses which are not restricted to your subjects. Within the scope of the "Studium Integrale", these courses are accessible to all students.

  • If you have any questions, you can turn to the head of the particular department, the advisor or the student body representatives ("Fachschaft") of your department at any time.