At some point during the semester, all of the course’s subject material will be tested, either in a written or oral exam:

Written Exam

  • In a written exam ("Schriftliche Prüfung"), the exam questions deal with the contents of a lecture or a seminar. Usually, the lecturer gives some advice and hints as to the type of questions asked.
  • When you appear for an exam, you must bring your national identity card or passport, as well as your student I.D.
  • Exams are mostly graded (grades from 1.0 to 5.0, with 1.0 being the highest), but you need grades of at least 4.0 to pass. Once you have received grade of your exam, it is possible to review your corrected exam. This is usually done at the department’s offices.

Oral Exam

  • Like written exams, oral exams ("Mündliche Prüfung") are also given at the end of a seminar or a lecture.
  • In presence of an examiner, your lecturer will ask you questions about a previously agreed subject area, or about the content of a particular course.

Please note:

  • you have to sign up for all exams
  • The exact examination procedure, however, depends on  your program; in all cases, though, it is vital that you remember the registration deadline!
  • If you want to receive more information: read the examination policy or ask your examination office or the student body representatives for your department!