"K-Town" - International Cluster of science & technology

Center of Innovation

Even emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa was convinced of the advantages of the Kaiserslautern region when he choose this location to built his imperial palace in the 12th century. Based upon those historical roots, the city has developed to an industrial region in the 1960ies and has now transformed into a modern, cosmopolitan cluster of science & technology being a prime location for national & international companies. The list of enterprises operating out of the Kaiserslautern PRE-Park is extensive, and encompasses the automobile & technology industries. As a center of innovation, the futuristic PRE-UNI-Park, a technology site with modern architecture spanning 70,000 m², constitutes the core of the Science Alliance, an excellent network of internationally-renowned research facilities and industries.

Blessed with nature...

The topographic convergence of technology and nature makes the city both a vibrant urban center and a natural oasis. Blessed with favorable surroundings, getting in touch with nature is particularly easy in Kaiserslautern, where Germany's largest interlinked woodlands are right at your doorstep. The beautiful woodlands, with their mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees, invite you to take a deep breath and to enjoy the natural tranquility. The forest of Rhineland-Palatinate is crisscrossed by network of about 7,500 miles of well-marked hiking trails and is known for its mountain bike park. UNESCO has recognized the exceptional value of the nature reserve and in 1992 declared it as 1 of 15 German biosphere reserves.

There is no such thing as being a foreigner...

Kaiserslautern is home to people from over 140 nations, contributing to a diverse and vibrant city life. As a global village, Kaiserslautern cultivates friendly relationships with numerous cities from European countries as well as bonds overseas to the USA and Japan. Most of the 100,000 inhabitants speak English which makes it easy to feel at ease soon.
The Kaiserslautern region offers superb public transportation. Fast intercity connections from the ICE train station in Kaiserslautern, with trains running hourly every day offers quick and comfortable connections to Europe´s big cities, airports, and business centers. Residential areas are so diverse that there really is something for everyone who lives here. Its appeal is best discovered by paying a visit to the old part of the city with its variety of restaurants, cafés, and original pubs. The many visitors from all over the world feel welcome and at home here.