Health Insurance for ISGS Students

The ISGS-service comprises counselling and assistance to obtain the right and best health insurance - if desired.

Whether you want to make use of our service or look for a health insurance by yourself, please consider the following aspects in any case:

  • Decide which kind of health insurance you need and which service you want to get, (taking into account your age and nationality).
  • For students who get a scholarship: Please check if your scholarship includes a health insurance.
  • For EU citizens: Please ask your health insurance company in your home country about their services in Germany. Please make sure to get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) if you want to stay with your insurance company.
  • At the beginning of your stay in Germany, you already need to have enough money to pay the first contribution to your health insurance.

Do not forget that health insurance is a prerequisite for enrollment and residence permit! Therefore, it is important for you to contact the ISGS immediately upon arrival in Germany.