ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2015

System Lifecycle Management - am Beispiel einer nachhaltigen Produktentwicklung

Sustainable Development is the main paradigm for the future improvement of humankind in the 21st century. One of the guiding principles for engineering design and Smart Engineering is to develop products that conform to the sustainability paradigm. Up to 80% of the essential characteristics of each product-system are determined in the early phase of its development. Decisions made here are fundamental for the lifecycle of each system. Revising the system or changing processes in later phases causes great effort. System Lifecycle Management represents a new concept. Similar to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), System Lifecycle Management (SysLM) is an integrated, information driven concept to improve the performance of a product system over its entire lifecycle. It achieves efficiency by using a shared information core system that helps engineers to efficiently manage complexity in the lifecycle of the product system, from first definition of requirements to end-of-life activities. Thus, the concept does not provide innovative systems but can contribute to engineering at administrative level by providing the right information at the right time in the right context.

As an exemplary extension to PLM in regard to eco-design and sustainability, SysLM can help to improve the environmental and sustainability performance of a product system by achieving traceability with regard to the material flow, starting from extraction of raw materials, through processing, production, manufacturing, storage, transport and usage, to disposal and/or recycling. In addition, requirements traceability is achieved over the entire development process. 

Modeling today’s product systems means integrating various authoring systems with the technical-administrative product structure and all related processes. Achieving sustainability of the stated product systems yields new artifacts, expanding the area to be considered. Within the scope of the workshop, a framework for modeling a product system in the early phases of the product development process, which accompanies system design considering sustainability aspects in a prospective view, is discussed.

Eigner, M.; Geissen, M.: System Lifecycle Management - am Beispiel einer nachhaltigen Produktentwicklung, in: "Smart Engineering - ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2015", Stuttgart, Deutschland, 05. - 06. Mai 2015, Kessler Druck, Böblingen, 2015, S. 48. - ISBN: 978-3-981-2226-5-4.