Colloquium in honor of Hans-Georg Geissler

"About Time and Dots"

University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, July 2nd, 2015

Organized by

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lachmann

Dr. Tina Weis


Program Committee

Prof. Dr. Erich Schröger (University of Leipzig)

Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach (University of Kiel)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lachmann (University of Kaiserslautern)


Thomas Lachmann (University of Kaiserslautern): Laudatio

Hans-Georg Geissler (University of Leipzig): Hidden universal constants: Ignored, neglected, but indispensable for bridging the conceptual mind-brain gap

Thomas Lachmann (University of Kaiserslautern): About dots: From Garner's inferred sets to Geissler's seeming redundancy

Stefan Berti (University of Mainz): Even more dots: Garner in the brain: What can the P300 tell us about Geissler's seeming redundancy

Klaus-Dieter Schmidt (Center for Neurorehabilitation, Leipzig): Hans-Georg Geissler as a psychophysicist

Hans Buffart (University of Groningen): Guided inference and the foundation of its representations

Thomas Lachmann, Steve Link, Hans Buffart: Life of Hans: 80 years of psychophysics beyond sensation