Goals of our Graduate School

The aim of our graduate school is to strengthen the development of young researchers and to optimally enhance their abilities by embedding the various disciplines within a practical, common context, and by doing so, we allow our participants to think outside of the box as well as demonstrating the methods of neighboring disciplines in the field of Cognitive Science. Therefore, we attach great importance that the initiatives come from the participants themselves. They should create their own learning environment. The mutual support and presentation of their own research topics are the focus. In various seminars designed by the participants themselves, the doctoral students learn important skills that will help them to conduct research in a new interdisciplinary field

The School has its own budget, funded by the Forschungsinitiative and participating groups and is open for all who are interested, even if the supervisors are not members of the Center for Cognitive Science.

If you are interessted in our work or you want to participate, please contact our coordinator, Dr. Ann-Kathrin Beck.